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How to Get Customers to Buy More From You

Sales is the life pulse of every business. That is why it is practically impossible for your business to grow without sales and this is where it becomes important to get customers to buy more from you. Growth in your business requires corresponding growth in your sales capacity of the business, this means you need to find a way to get new and existing customers to buy more. Getting customers to buy more is an effective way to increase sales and ultimately drive profits without increasing marketing costs. Businesses mostly try to drive sales through attracting new customers, but while attempting to attract new buyers is a tried-and-true method of boosting sales, you can also do well encouraging existing customers to buy more from you. You can achieve this by increasing the average order size of your customers, this involves applying specific marketing strategies that has been proven to be effective in getting existing customers to buy more from your business.

Here are six effective ways to make your customers buy more

1. Getting customers to buy more by Cross-Selling

Cross selling is a sales strategy that involves offering suggestions that go along with the item someone is purchasing. Would you like a pair of socks to go along with the shoe? How about a bottle of coke with the sandwich? Websites often try to cross-sell by showing a list of items that people frequently purchase together with the item they just added to the shopping cart. When you incorporate this into your website, you’ll be able to increase sales. You can also create displays that group such items together or product listings that intentionally pair or suggest complementary products for customers.  

2. Getting Customers to buy more by Upselling

Upselling is a process that involves convincing people to purchase something bigger and better than what they had originally intended to purchase. For example, if the person was purchasing a personal computer, you could suggest that this individual buy a computer with more memory or a faster processing speed. The golden rule of effective upselling is to always provide value. Getting a shopper to upgrade their purchase or increase basket size can increase sales revenue. But the offer also needs to have perks for the customer. Before you try to apply upsell any customer with any product, you first need to ask yourself if your upsell is even relevant. This is effective especially because when a customer is primed to buy, the additional price doesn’t always seem so high.

3. Getting customers to buy more through Limited Time Offers

This is a great approach to making promotional offers to customers in your business and getting customers to buy more. With a limited time offer, the customer feels pressure to make a quick decision about a purchase, and to capitalize on the offer to buy more. If it’s a product that the person was already thinking about buying, purchasing during the limited time offer is a no-brainer. And most times customers hate to miss out on great opportunities to make a purchase. Even if the offer is something the customer hadn’t initially considered, the pressure of missing out on a good deal could prompt her to make the purchase.  

4. Getting customers to buy more by offering Free Shipping or setting Delivery Thresholds

This approach is effective because customers normally don't like paying shipping and delivery charges and you can utilize that as a marketing advantage to get them to buy more. You can take advantage by offering free shipping or free delivery as an incentive for orders above a certain threshold. In fact, they may be amenable to buying a little more than they had initially planned if the extra purchase will get them free shipping. Doing so may not only help you get customers to buy more, but also win sales you might have lost if you didn't have that incentive. Before implementing this technique in your business, make sure you factor free shipping costs into your margins and that it’s either partially or completely covered in your retail prices. If you don’t, you may lose a lot of money on shipping expenses.  

5. Targeting More Customers Of High Value

Sometimes in business, it’s more profitable to concentrate most of your business and sales efforts on a few customers of high value rather than many others who don’t purchase enough from you. For example, Amazon focuses more on Prime members because they bring more value to the Amazon brand. They are 6 times more profitable to Amazon than non-Prime members. The effectiveness of this approach would depends on a detailed understanding of your business and the nature of customers that are relevant to your business model. For businesses whose profit largely depends on selling to a large number of non- high value customers, this technique might not be a very effective.

6. Getting customers to buy more through Coupons with Date Restrictions

One effective way to get your customers coming back again and again to buy more is to offer coupons that are only redeemable within a certain time period. Generally, the more often you can get customers into your store, the more overall sales you’re likely to make. For instance, you might put out coupons that are good for the first week of the month along with coupons that are only good during the last week of the month. This works very well if the coupon is only usable for a particular item rather than the entire purchase. This will make the customer want to come back both times to be able to redeem both coupons and will probably purchase a few extra things while he’s in the store. Implementing these strategies described above is a guaranteed way of getting your customers to buy more in your business. However, different techniques work best with different companies, so it’s always smart to try out different methods to see which ones work best for your business.

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